Eggshells and Appliances Needed!!!

Ok, so here is a strange request! We need empty eggshells and lots of 'em!! So the call goes out there to all great cooks, and egg-lovers - now would be a great time to eat up, and cook up! Break an egg, ladies and gentlemen!! The school will use these egg shells to allow the children the opportunity to first color them, then to smash them, and then to play in them. We have only a few weeks before we'd like to use these shells, so we are counting on your help!

You can learn a great deal by giving children the opportunity to create through CONstruction, but did you know you can learn an equal amount by allowing the opportunity to DEconstruct! That's right, Take Apart is just around the corner!!
And what are these? Examples of some wonderful things to donate to our "take apart" project coming up soon. Have a phone around the house that doesn't work anymore, an alarm clock, a cd player, a cell phone, a VCR, a rice cooker?? Well, bring them on over, because these are great things (often with many wonderful SCREWS) to let the kids investigate by taking them apart!!

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