The Clip Board

We use the clipboard for many important tasks at the Children's School. It is used for signing in and
taking notes from the children to send home. Letters are a great way of diffusing feelings around separation. For letters or stories you will hear..."Do you need a secretary?".
Before someone takes a trip it is used to make a packing list. This year Leah and Teacher Cinda were both making packing lists on the same day. Leah made a packing list for her trip to California. And then she helped Teacher Cinda make hers for a trip to Delaware for her daughter's graduation. What a great help Leah was to Teacher Cinda because she remembered to bring food on the airplane....just in case a snack was needed. We love to help our children plan their trips and help their parents bring the most important items. Let us know when you think a packing list might come in handy! Sponge Bob is our cold pack that travels with us to the playground for the bumps and bruises.