We Appreciate Moms Groups!!

All of us who work and love and support The Children's School owe a great big "Thank You!" to all of the TCS parents who take the time to post to their local Moms Groups to share their experiences of our program. In the last year or so, we have received approximately 40% of inquiries (email or phone call) in response to articles written by parents who have taken the time to write a post for their group. This kind of positive "chatting" about our little program - especially in times when our resources are being stretched to their absolute limit - is simply priceless. Your support through this modern form of support community is so very deeply appreciated. I hereby send out a virtual hug of gratitude to all my helpful writers - those I know, and those I may not know about!! Thank you. (hug) Thank you. (hug) Thank you. (hug)


The Children's School Cafe-Open Everyday!

We have a new and interesting cafe on our playground! Lots of participants are working together there.
Ji-Hoon-peanut butter chocolate coffee
Caleb -coffee, chocolate ice cream,chocolate cake
Teodosa-salmon fish soup, samalo coffee
Maddie- strawberry cake, hot chocolate
Sadie-frosting pudding
Gavin- chocolate and vanilla cupcakes and cookies, sweet potato fries, castle cake
Kate- chocolate cake
Lander- coffee, cheerios, hot chocolate
Evan-chocolate pie, small castle cake, ice cream
Leah-blueberry muffins
Adrienne and Emilia- 10 birthday cakes

We like to practice asking "Won't you have a cookie?", please and thank you... carrying the foods with grace, balance, and confidence. It is such an honor to be served also!


A Musical Note...

We have a musical community here at our school and every once in a while there may be a note regarding upcoming musical events that might be fun to experience. Teacher Cinda is a singer in Orchestra Seattle Seattle Chamber Singers(www.osscs.org) and has been since 1993. She likes to sing very much. This Sunday there will be a concert at 3pm at the First Free Methodist Church at 3rd and Dravus St across from SPU .
Here is a Facebook address: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Orchestra-Seattle-and-Seattle-Chamber-Singers-OSSCS/110098262364476?ref=ts (this is an address that will show you about a young violist who will start our show!) We will play Handel's Royal Fireworks music and the choir will sing in the second half after intermission. If you are feeling inspired to listen to this music...come and see us. It can be very exciting!
Teacher Cinda