Grandpas Need Christmas Too!

In addition to our holiday families, we are working with our friend Brigid Hagen, who is a good friend and past teacher here at The Children’s School. Currently Brigid is the Financial Administrator of the Frederic Ozaman House, which provides housing for “grandpas” who have struggled, and who also deserve a little love at Christmas. Brigid’s hope for these grandpas is that each of them simply receive a $5 gift card as a small Christmas gift. We want to help with this goal. There are 56 grandpas who live at the Ozaman House. There is a display and “voting” board in the Brick Wall Hallway. It looks like this: If you would like to donate a gift card (or 2, or 3), have your child choose which gift card(s) your donation would purchase, and drop a check (or cash) in our blue basket. For more information on the Frederic Ozaman House, please use this link: http://www.ccsww.org/site/News2?page=NewsArticle&id=8806&news_iv_ctrl=-1&printer_friendly=1

See you at school!

It's That Time of Year!

You may have noticed our holiday preparations here at TCS. Last week the Pre-K built houses out of graham crackers (much easier for us that gingerbread!)For a little while we had a whole village in the hallway! Thanks to all who participated and donated. The morning classes have made some beautiful nametags. They're all practicing writing their names, what a good job they've done!

Keep your eyes peeled. There's always something new to be found.

See you at school!


Goats and Trolls and Bridges oh my!

This year when we returned after summer we were excited to find bells had been attached to the climber outside!
One is a cow bell and the others are a little smaller. Imaginations get active when we are outside and suddenly one day we were imagining that the goats were coming down from the high meadows in search of green grass. We spent a month or so just mentioning as the bells ring that there must be goats coming down from the meadows. "I hear the goats! " was a common exclamation. Many classrooms participated at this level too.
Then one day, without even reading the story, we had volunteers for playing the parts!
Who would like to be a goat? Bee, Karsten, Paige! What about a troll? "Happy to help" Wyatt said. Holly too.
A little later we played the story tape and practiced inside. This time our biggest goats were Julian, Karsten, Charlotte, Kevin, Lewis. Our middle-sized goat was Max and the littlest were Carly, Bee and Paige. Kalea and Jacob were the audience, a much appreciated part of the whole performance! What a fun story! And the pre-k kids are still playing this game whenever they can. Thanks, Teacher Cinda!


Gobble Gobble!

Thanksgiving is coming quickly. We've been busy making turkeys, talking about food, and peeling carrots. We will be in session on Monday and Tuesday, so see you at school!



Soon you may notice an article entitled "Why Yoga?" beautifully written by our own Mrs. Coleman. Below are some excerpts from that article.

Our Pre-K children and those 3's and 4's that stay for Lunch Bunch on Mondays and Wednesdays are given the opportunity to go with Teacher BJ to do the Crane, the Tree, the Frog, the Mountain, and the Swan(just to name a few).

In addition the some beautiful poses the children learn, developing the muscles in their bodies, Teacher BJ stretches their imagination muscles as well with exercise extras such as, "When you get to the top of your mountain, what can you see?" The children respond with anything from "a mountain" to "flying carpets" or from our Pre-K yoga friends, 'hundreds of rainbow butterflies" "castles with a princess and a flying horse!" How beautiful to have this experience at such an early age. How wonderful to instill in our smallest friends a sense of peace, strength, and even a kind of freedom.


Spider Walk Mystery

Our Children's School Pre K Class enjoyed a lovely fall day at Discovery Park.
Walking along the forest path there were many webs set up. We learned about the orb, funnel, sheet, and dome webs. What type of web do you think this one is?
There were spiders in the trees and on the grassy field. With the docents help we were able to place two spiders on a sheet to see which would race the fastest across it.
Did you know that spiders eat their webs and rebuild them?
We also learned that Daddy Long Legs is not a spider.
Do you remember why?
Teacher Cinda


Week One

Well, we've had our first week. Thanks to everyone for making it such a great one!
Mrs. Banks' class are having lots of fun with the takeaway gam
And in the Pre-K class, two friends have already completed the number board. 1-100, way to go Jacob and Lewis!
You may notice the "Please Save" sign in the picture above. This is one of the tools the children use to save a job so they can come back to it later. Sometimes it helps to leave your work if you know that it will be there when you come back.

Next week we will start Lunch Bunch. Remember to label your lunch so that everybody gets the right one. And the Pre-3 classes will be with us. Let's help them have fun at school too!

Thanks again to everybody for such a successful week. Let's do it again on Monday!

See you at school!


Here We Go!

The school year is starting, and it seems that Fall is on it's way. Did you soak up the summer sun? Hopefully it's not completely gone yet.

Tomorrow is Orientation Day for our 3/4 classes and the Pre-K. And classes start next Tuesday (or Wednesday for Teacher Cinda's class). Pre-3 orientations will be Tuesday and Thursday next week, with classes starting the week of the 14th. We're very excited to see you all!

See you at school!



Well, we've had our picnics and we've said goodbye. I hope you all have a wonderful summer. Mrs. Banks' class shared some of their plans with us.

Karsten - QFC Fun Center
Holly - Get ice cream, go to the Children's Museum and the aquarium
Tyler - "I don't know"
Andrew - Disneyland!
Julian - playing cars with Aidan
Wyatt - "Me and my sister go to Lake Chelan"
Max - Make toys for poor people
Sydney - Go to Philadelphia and go to the beach everyday!
Chae - Go to California and play on the Slip 'n Slide

Thanks go to all of you, children, parents, family, friends and teachers for making this an absolutely wonderful school year! We will see many of you in the fall. For those of you moving on to new places and opportunities, we wish you the best and would love to hear from you in the future.

And remember that we love every single one of you!

Miss Tierney


And The Winner Is...

Thanks to everyone for helping us to collect quarters for The Heifer Project this spring. We raised $210 this year! After the money was counted, our friends at school voted on what we should buy. Chicks won the day, followed closely by honeybees. With what we raised we can give quite a few flocks of chicks, lots of bees, and maybe even a couple trios of rabbits. What a fun way to give!

To learn more to go www.heifer.org

See you at school!


Time Flies

Hi everyone. Can you believe we only have about two weeks left? Our last day of classes will be on Wednesday, June 3rd. And the picnic dates were a little off in the newsletter, so here they are again.

MWF and M-F classes: Thursday, June 4, Matthews Beach
10 a.m. to 11:30

Pre-K: Thursday, June 4, Matthews Beach
12:30 to 2 p.m.

Pre-3s(both classes): Friday, June 5, Junior League Playground at Magnuson Park
10 a.m. to 11:30

See you at school!


Order Up!

The weather is getting warmer and the Children's School outdoor cafe is open for business. We have many friends working at the cafe. Griffin's specialty is chicken soup and Drew has been making lots of coffee. Holly takes care of the tea, and Max knows how to make rainbow sherbert.
We have many other guest chefs at our establishment. Among them are Catherine, Lewis, Sydney, Wyatt, Julian, Karsten, Tyler and Owen. It seems that everyone is having a great time at the Children's School Cafe!
See you at school!


“Get the Picture?!”

At a Parent Lunch Bunch in September of last year, the question was asked of TCS, “Will we have [classroom] pictures this year?” It had been 3 years since our last successful management of this project. And it seemed like such a reasonable request! So the search was on!

Our mission statement sets forth that we are a program where “learning occurs in an unhurried setting with a spirit of fun.” It goes on to say that we live our values of respect, support and contribution through action. Youth in Focus was a good match for us! They were very respectful of our need to keep the impact on our program to a minimum, as well as being a youth empowerment program (through the creative process of photography) to which we could contribute.

Our photo orders, minus the expense of producing the photographs and packing them in envelopes, will represent a donation to that program. We donated more than $600 to Youth in Focus! If you would like to read more about this fabulous program, please visit their website at www.youthinfocus.org .

Our sincere “Thanks!” to all our parents who ordered pictures, as well as a giant “Thanks!” to Sam Smith, and his photographers Chloe and Zoe from YIF!!

Note: Additional copies of the classroom photos can still be ordered through Mrs. Coleman.
Pictured here are Zoe and Sam with Mrs. Coleman (who made the whole thing happen!)


Is It Spring Yet?

It may be hard to tell, but spring has sprung. And with that comes Spring Break! Ours is this coming week, March 30th - April 3. We will see you all again on Monday, April 6th.

Have a great week!


Say Cheese!

Tomorrow (Tues. March 17), two of our classes will have their photos taken. Miss Tierney's pre-3's and the pre-k class.
Everyone else will have their photos on Wednesday.

See you at school!


Pre-K puppet fun!

The pre-k class went to the puppet theater a couple of weeks ago to see Monkey Goes Fishing. It was a lot of fun and our friend Annika was so inspired that she went home and created her own tiger, just like the one she had seen in the show!
Isn't that amazing? I know I was impressed. Good Job Annika!

And remember, our next pre-k puppet show will be The Adventures of Sinbad on March 19th. It's coming up quick!

See you at school!



Just a little note to tell you that confirmation letters for next year's students will be sent out next week.

Thank you, Mrs. Coleman!

See you at school!

A Neverending Story!

More Snow!?!?
Seattle Schools are starting 2 hours late today. That means no morning classes for us. We will be there for Pre-K and Lunch Bunch.

See you at school.....sometime!


Thanks Grandpa Jim!!!

Many of you pass by our pre-3 coat hooks on your way to or from class. You may have noticed that some of our hooks are loose, and one even went missing for several weeks! Well, this week Ian's grandpa came in and brought a new coat hook for our friend Griffon! He also offered to glue some of our other sagging hooks. So thank you so much, Grandpa Jim! We really appreciate all your help!

In other news, our builders have very busy. Kevin used the Lincoln Logs to build us the Great Wall of China! That must have taken a long time!

And today he worked with his friend Max to build a rocket ship out of chairs. I know Mrs. Coleman took a trip. Were there any other passengers? I wonder what their destination was?

Thanks for all your hard work, guys!
See you at school!


Monkey Goes Fishing!

Tomorrow, the Pre-K class will meet at the Northwest Puppet Center to see Monkey Goes Fishing. Your teachers will meet you there at 11:45 a.m. and the show will start at 12:15. When it ends at 1:00 we will play on the playground at the theater for 20-30 minutes, until all our children have been picked up.

See you there!


Not Again?!?!

Well I know I was fooled. We even had a bit of early spring fever last week. But I guess winter isn't really over is it? Oh well, Seattle Public Schools are starting 2 hours late this morning. That means no morning classes for us. We will be open for Lunch Bunch and Pre-K.


The Little Baby Rocket Ship

By Max Feb. 2, 2009
Illustrated by: Our Friends in the Pre-K Class

It used to blast off. It doesn’t have a mom, but it still be safe, because it can shoot smoke at the danger, and also cut the danger. And it’s a very nice rocket ship.

It used to go on Earth Adventures – that’s when you go explore dark, deep caves. It finded so-o much marbles and jewels, and diamonds, and treasures!! And also monsters, but it saved itself with its sharp point. When the Little Baby Rocket Ship saw the monster, A-A-N-N-D-D the monster saw IT, the Little Baby Rocket Ship called for its mom; and she was invisible; and she helped with its smoke holes.

The End


Let's Play Ketchup!

Hello, all! I'm so sorry for the long absence. We've been so busy, but none of it has made it to the blog. So here we go!
  • Our Pre-3 friends are learning new words every day. Rectangle is hard!
  • We had an astronaut team on the playground. There was a moon landing, we collected moon rocks. And I think we may have seen some aliens!
  • There has been some impressive building. What incredible engineers we have!
We also had a lot of fun during Chinese New Year. We did a lot of writing with chinese characters and the dragons were so fun! Now we're into February. Keep your eyes peeled for Valentine Party Sign-up sheets. And don't forget the Parent Lunch Bunch on Feb. 12th. We'd love to see you there.
Thank you all for your patience.
See you at school!



Last month we held a Parent Lunch Bunch to address questions regarding the encampment in the UCC parking lot. If you were unable to attend and are curious we have put up a link to the notes that were taken at that meeting.

See you at school!

We're Back!

So far 2009 is a great year. We're seeing our kids make new discoveries and expand their social circles. Last week, Kalea and Kevin enjoyed a spirited two person game of Duck, Duck, Goose. It was so much fun that they were soon joined by their friends Sydney and Paige. New things are happening every day. We'll try to keep you updated as much as we can.