Nothing new - NO SCHOOL ON FRIDAY!

Due to the unusual weather we continue to experience, The Children's School will be closed on Friday, January 20th. We are hopeful that all will be right with our world by Monday morning, and we can return to our "regularly scheduled program." (chuckle, chuckle!)


School Closed on Thursday, January 19th!

Sorry folks, but this weather is taking its toll. TCS will be closed again on Thursday. We will continue to monitor the weather and hope for the best! If you were hoping to join us at The Children's School for our Open House, know that we will be holding an Open House next Thursday, January 26th from 11:30 to 1pm. Please join us! Bring a friend!! Come find out about this fabulous preschool program!

Teacher Lisa Eve and the Gingerbread Girl

You may have heard from your children
about acting in a play about the Gingerbread Girl...

  •   PreK Actors: Crab (Julian), Seal (Maddie), Whale (Molly, Mielle), Octopus (Amin, Jian, Clara, Henry, Molly) Baker (Matthew, Holden) and the Gingerbread Girls ( Leah, Amanda)

     (Here is a little more information)
    Teacher Lisa Eve had a great time writing the story of The Gingerbread Girl. When her mom and sister came to her with the idea, she was thrilled to participate. 
    Teacher Lisa Eve’s mom, Linda, was always enthralled with children's story books and had hoped to one day illustrate a book of her own. Working with two of her grown children, this endeavor became a fun family project with each of them adding the ingredients to make a memorable children's classic.
    Teacher Lisa Eve’s sister, Deana, has been teaching for 15 years, ranging from kindergarten to third grade.  The idea for The Gingerbread Girl book came to Deana while she was reading to her then first grade daughter, Abbi, who was being her animated self during the story. Her twirling actions gave Deana the inspiration to say:
    "Run, Run, Run - watch me twirl.
    You can't catch me, I'm the
    Gingerbread Girl."
    Deana had fun helping to develop The Gingerbread Girl series in a format that could be enjoyed by children and adults alike. She has created the Activity Booklets to accompany each story with questions, games, memory activities and more.
    You can find out more by checking out the website at:www.gingerbreadgirlbooks.com


Snow Predictions - NO SCHOOL on the 18th

Weather predictions are showing a lot of snow for Wednesday January 18th.
Seattle Public Schools are take precautions and closing their schools tomorrow. The Children's School is following suit! We are closed all day - all classes - for Wednesday the 18th.
Let's hope this lets up soon!


School Starts with Lunch Bunch Tues. 1/17!!

Seattle Public Schools will start 2 hours late on Tuesday 1/17, so as per our policy, morning classes are cancelled and we will start with LUNCH BUNCH. There is no M-F, no T/Th Pre-3, but there is LB and Pre-K. See you at school!