Many preparations were undertaken to make our week of Valentine's Day parties something special. In the Pre-3 classes decorating hearts was the order of the day, and how amazingly wonderful and individual they all turned out to be!! This bulletin board of hearts was in the Pre-3 classroom, which also serves as the snack room for Mrs. Jaques' MWF class, so these decorations were WIDELY appreciated!!
In the picture below, you can see the special care taken by Mrs. Banks' M-F students to decorate their snack room with hand-decorated table runners, and cupids, and Valentine napkins!!

Ms. Tierney's Pre-K class displayed a little more sophistication with their stunning tissue paper water color hearts, seen here decorating their name tags. Such delicate, and careful work by our sophisticated Pre-K friends!!

And here is a gift from Mrs. McArthur -- the Children's School Cafe, set up and decorated just especially for the occasion!! The table decoration even had a (battery-operated) candle in its centerpiece! How chic!! Thank you Mrs. McArthur for adding this lovely detail to our day!

What occasion at the Children's School would be complete if it did not involve play dough at some level?? Well, in this case, our friend Tyler in Mrs. Banks' M-F class, made us a whole plate of playdough hearts, arranged here so wonderfully, I could not help but take a picture of them to share with all of our friendly readers!! Thank you Tyler!!

And finally the piece de la resistance of Valentine's Day -- Fishing for Valentines!! Although I cannot show you pictures of my friends who did the actual fishing, I can show you their lovely assistants. And it will have to suffice for me to report to you that magic really does exist and if you are not a believer, you needed only see the faces of our friends who patiently waited for their turn to throw in their "hook" and see what bounty (of Valentine Love) they may recieve for their efforts! Thanks to all the loving parents who worked with our friends to share expressions of love and kindsness through the gift of a Valentine. Your efforts were so very much recieved with joy, excitement and event the smallest hint of delighted surprise!

Can you see the very tip of the fishing pole peeking up over the top of the barrier? Ms. Tierney has successfully loaded the fisherman's bag with Valentine "fish." She tugs on the line to signal it's time to haul in the load.

Mrs. Jaques was busy with her students at the opposite end of the school, here busily trying to load the fishing pole before the anxious and excited fisherman on the other side yanks back his or her bite!!

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