Dinos! Dinos! and more Dinos!

Look what we're doing at The Children's School!! We are visiting with our friends, the dinosaurs! This means that we are playing dinosaur games, digging for dinosaur bones, reading dinosaur books, singing dinosaur songs and telling dinosaur stories.

This is a dinosaur game created by Mrs. McArthur, and is great fun to play. Our friends in Mrs. Banks' M-F Class take turns playing this game, and then create their own versions!!

Here are 2 examples. What creativity by these children!!

For the archiologists in our midst there is the cornmeal and bones!! What fun to do a little diggin' around!

We even paint with our dinosaur bones!! This is an example of "bone-hopping" -- using the bones as stamps to create some name tags for our friends in the MWF class.

Using this felt board and a little imagination, the Stars Group in the M-F Class (with a little help from Mrs. Coleman and Ms. Tierney) came up with the following story:

"A long, long, long time ago, before there were people, there were giants that roamed the earth. There were purple mountains and a volcano. One day, T-Rex was out looking for coconuts to eat, when he meets Baby Stegasaurus. Baby Stegasaurus was looking for his mommy. T-Rex wants to help. So they go off looking for Mommy. When they find Mommy, she says "I love you!" When she sees T-Rex, she says "Thank you for helping." Pteradactyl flys over and sees a party going on. She flys down and says "I wanna join the party!" They offer her some coconuts. Terry (Pteryadactyl) says, "No thank you. Got any fish??" Trini Triceratops comes to the party and bends the tree down to get more coconuts. Al Apotasaurus comes by. They ask him to put his tail down. Brontasaurus helps the friends get up on Al's neck so thy can slide down. "Wheeeeee!!" But then it starts to rain. The dinos don't like rain, so they all go home. "Bye!!" The End."

Stay Tuned, Everyone! Valentine's Day, songs about mail, pink and red, and lots of hearts are next!!

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