Spider Walk Mystery

Our Children's School Pre K Class enjoyed a lovely fall day at Discovery Park.
Walking along the forest path there were many webs set up. We learned about the orb, funnel, sheet, and dome webs. What type of web do you think this one is?
There were spiders in the trees and on the grassy field. With the docents help we were able to place two spiders on a sheet to see which would race the fastest across it.
Did you know that spiders eat their webs and rebuild them?
We also learned that Daddy Long Legs is not a spider.
Do you remember why?
Teacher Cinda


Week One

Well, we've had our first week. Thanks to everyone for making it such a great one!
Mrs. Banks' class are having lots of fun with the takeaway gam
And in the Pre-K class, two friends have already completed the number board. 1-100, way to go Jacob and Lewis!
You may notice the "Please Save" sign in the picture above. This is one of the tools the children use to save a job so they can come back to it later. Sometimes it helps to leave your work if you know that it will be there when you come back.

Next week we will start Lunch Bunch. Remember to label your lunch so that everybody gets the right one. And the Pre-3 classes will be with us. Let's help them have fun at school too!

Thanks again to everybody for such a successful week. Let's do it again on Monday!

See you at school!


Here We Go!

The school year is starting, and it seems that Fall is on it's way. Did you soak up the summer sun? Hopefully it's not completely gone yet.

Tomorrow is Orientation Day for our 3/4 classes and the Pre-K. And classes start next Tuesday (or Wednesday for Teacher Cinda's class). Pre-3 orientations will be Tuesday and Thursday next week, with classes starting the week of the 14th. We're very excited to see you all!

See you at school!