Heifer Project Update!

I recieved another wonderful update on our on-going quest to collect enough quarters to buy an animal for the Heifer Project. This report comes to me from Katie -- friend of Ethan (M-F Class) and Ellis (Children's School Alumnus, 2006). Katie reports that she suggested to Ethan that he might want to give a look around his house for a quarter or two to bring to school and put into our wonderful clear quarter collector tubes. Well, Ethan may not have been "lit on fire" with this particular suggestion, but his older sister, Ellis, who was with us last year as a Pre-K student, remembered this project, and took on the role of lead quarter finder. She took Ethan with her from room to room looking in the "coin collection" places of the Andrews household, including her own collection of coins in her room. Through their enthusiastic efforts, Ellis and Ethan successfully collected $4.00 in quarters to bring to school to put in our quarter tubes!
Hooray for Ethan and Ellis Andrews, and to their support, Katie!! Tune in next week for more news on the project's success!

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