Heifer Project Returns to TCS

Heifer International Project

*Kids Helping Kids*

The Children’s School will be participating in an educational program to teach our classes about other cultures, the need to promote a healthy environment, and how we can provide food for children and families in need. We will be using materials from Heifer International, which is on the Top 10 list for charitable organizations.

Our classes will learn about the positive effects that animals can have on improving the quality of life in other countries. We will be reading the true story of Beatrice’s Goat and talk about some benefits a goat can bring to a family in need. We will be collecting quarters to buy a goat for a child and his or her family, living in an underprivileged country.

It takes $120 to buy a goat and we will be collecting quarters for the next several weeks with this goal in mind. But every culture has a different relationship with animals. Goats may be great for families in India and Africa, but llamas are better in Peru; cows and beehives are great in Central Europe; ducks and geese in Southeast Asia. As we collect our quarters, our students will also be encouraged to vote for the kind of animal(s) they would like to see this money go toward.

The quarters will be collected in 2 clear tube “piggy banks.” Each class will gladly accept quarter donations.


We LOVE Dads' Lunch!

What an amazing experience for our children - to invite their dads (or grampas or uncles) to come to school and have lunch, maybe do a little yoga, maybe play castles, or even sit and listen to the creation of a story. A terrific way to participate in your child's play is to "Play Secretary!" Today, Macy's dad, Chris, was handed a clip board and a marker and asked if he would like to try this. I must say, he did a FABULOUS JOB! Here is the result of Chris' work today:

"Playing with Puppies in the Doll House:
Sadie: He banged his neck
Macy: We need to go t the the doctors appointment.
Sadie: Your puppy's dead.
Macy and Sadie: Let's slide down the roof... WEEEEEEE!

Playing at the Castle:
Sadie: My name is Zoe.
Macy: I am a bad guy. "Hi Bad Guy."
Sadie: I am the bad horse.
Macy: [puts bad guys in the jail]
Sadie: What did you do with my friend?
Macy: No, that's my friend.
Sadie: I'm Prince Charming.
Macy: I want to take your best friend home. Is this your best friend?
Sadie: We need the horses!
Macy: Horsey, Horsey, Horsey!"

We also had trains going on, and marble work, and playing in the kitchen and Hullabaloo! And we took a lot of pictures of all of this. We continue to keep our pictures of children off of the blog and our FaceBook page, but will be compiling a year-end photo disk with all these gems included!