Recent Testimonial

With the end of the school year here, I have been reflecting on the year and feel so much gratitude for my son's preschool.  This is such a nurturing and supportive school. We are going into our third year next year and we are so glad we have this program.  The teachers are amazing.  Simply amazing.  Their capacity for love and caring is infinite.  They handle each child perfectly.  They are firm but kind.  They feed the children's hunger for knowledge and nurture their imaginations.  I really can't say enough about this place.  They just celebrated 50 years!  I was new to Seattle when we started and this school saved me.  They are there for you as well as the children.  These really are some very special people.  My son is thriving, and is so ahead of the game now - emotionally, and academically.  See below for more info and don't hesitate to reach out to me with any questions.  

They still have openings for September, and you'll be so so happy there. 

Vanessa Thorpe 2015