A Little Time in The Coop!

These little Playmobile chicken coops are some of the newest additions at The Children's School, courtesy of Teacher Cinda, who is also keeper of a chicken coop of her very own! (See post from April 5th, 2010!) With our conversations about animals, and giving and the Heifer Project well under way, these chicken coops have become a real favorite not only with the students of Teacher Cinda's room (where the coops live), but also with our Lunch Bunch friends. Once again, our children have blessed us with their creativity. Here is a story from Jack, who played at the chicken coops recently with Children's School Alum and current Tuesday Volunteer, Margaret Roe (13 years old). Margaret was Jack's secretary as he told this story:

Once upon a time there was a chicken who was not happy at her home because all her friends were mean. One day she flew up on the roof and would not come down. The lady who took care of the chickens was mad, so she climbed up and tried to get the chicken down, but she couldn't. The chicken's friends felt bad so they said "Sorry." So the chicken came down and was happy.
The end.

Thank you Jack for your story, and thank you, Margaret for being there to capture it!

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The Montessori Mafia - Ideas Market - WSJ