Here's our friend Raggedy Ann showing us how to do the "Wheel Barrow" on one of our new yoga mats! Yoga is for everyone!!

When doing a position for the first time, Teacher BJ is right there to help the kids make sure their bodies are in the right position!

Here Teacher BJ shows Raggedy Ann how to do another Children's School favorite -- The Turtle!!

Teacher BJ often takes as many as 7 children at a time to go into yoga class. Each child has their own designated space using these brightly colored yoga mats, purchased at Target.

Don't forget that you can get your own copy of The Children's School Family Yoga Book, available now in the hallway, right next to the tuition basket. These would make fabulous gifts for family members, or how about as a stocking stuffer for your child who will recognize this resource and possibly start their own yoga class at home!! Any donation you can make toward this very popular program at the school would be very much appreciated. (For example, printing costs for books was $2.00/book.)

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