January 8th: more wonderful woodworking with teacher BJ!

January Project: The class will create individual telephone books. Answering the telephone will be included along with permission from mom or dad. We will also use the keyboard. Does anyone know how to do VOIP?

PRE K- JOKE BOOK- Mrs. Jaques has assured me that she will make a Joke Book with this year's group of JOKESTERS. Start saving jokes with your child.

9123 15th Ave. NE This theater is one of Seattle's finest, and we do so enjoy visiting regularly with your children. Our next couple of visits will be on:

January 25, 2007. " Crane and Turtle: Images of China" performed by Dragon Arts Studio.
12:15pm show time.
The Pre K class will enjoy drawing a series of events in the play and describing their pictures.

March 15, 2007 "Puss in Boots" performed by Oregon Puppet Theater
12:15 show time.

March 2007 also brings a project on behalf of Heifer International. We will be collecting quarters to buy a Goat or Water Buffalo. We read books and play games to share a little of the Heifer Project experience with the children. The next time you're at your local library, see if you can check out one of the books we'll be using entitled Beatrice's Goat.

March Hands-on Project: The "Take-Apart Experience." Our wood projects provide terrific creative "construction" experiences, but "Take-Apart" provides the equally important opposite side of that coin by giving our children a safe "deconstruction" experience. We need things to take apart. Small household appliances such as rice cookers, old telephones and answering machines make excellent "subjects."

April will bring our ever-popular Robot Construction Project. These fabulous creations are made out of recycled things. You can help by saving small things; they help add personality!

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