MWF Learns by Leaps and Bounds

We learn through ritual!
Our rituals in November have included "Jack be Nimble" movement during music, chants about puppies, aliens and turkeys, "Going on a Turkey Hunt" during our gathering time before going outside, learning the "preschool flip" for putting on our coats, table setting, recipe writing, and practicing our good table communication - "Please pass the basket."

We learn through Montessori opportunty and tools!
Our new Montessori tools in November have included the number board, insets, and the spindle box. This is added to our continued work with water pouring and bread cutting.

We learn with the opportunity of new experiences!
New experiences in November have included learning to glue with small Elmer's glue bottles, painting with water colors, scissor work, working in teams to do sorting work and giant floor puzzles.

What will we learn in December?
We will learn the story and some of the music from The Nutcracker.
We will have the opportunity to learn the game of Dreidel.
We will make holiday gifts and explore gingerbread houses!

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