Winter Olympics 2014 at TCS!

The Winter Olympics have been in full swing at Sochi, on our televisions at home and in the classrooms at TCS!
Some of our kids stepped up onto the podium and we asked them a few basic questions about their Olympics; what country they were representing, their sport of choice, the equipment and any special food that they require to be the best athlete they can be.
Here is what we found:

Sophia of Seattle
Sport: Ice skating with partner
Equipment: Ballet shoes on my shirt, ice skating shoes with socks that have unicorns
Food: Oranges, Apples, Bananas

Zoe of United States
Sport: Ice skating with partner and alone
Equipment: dress with polka dots and ponies, ice skates with princess unicorns
Food:pasta and meatballs

Tate of Seattle USA
Sport: Skiing on hills (medium hills)
Equipment: Jacket, coat, hat, helmet, ski boots and long underwear
Food: Pizza and noodles

Bethany of Seattle USA
Sport: Ice skating (alone)
Equipment: Dress with skirt, tights, ice skating shoes
Food: Bananas, apples and cheese

Daisy of Seattle USA
Sport: Ice skating with partner
Equipment: Butterfly dress, ice skates and unicorn socks
Food: Broccoli, carrots, bananas and cheese

Calix of United States
Sport: Skiing (flat and on hill)
Equipment: Jacket, hat, boots and snowman on ski's
Food: Banana

Zadie of Seattle USA
Sport: Ice skating with partner
Equipment: Skirts and pretty dresses, ice skates and gold medal
Food: Apples (whole)

Max of America
Sport: Skiing on hills
Equipment: Gloves, goggles and helmet
Food: Protein

Emily of Seattle WA USA
Sport: Ice Skating with partner (lots of time practicing!)
Equipment: Pretty dress and skirt
Food: Apples

Adelyn of Seattle
Sport: Ice skating with partner (3 days of practice)
Equipment: Warm clothes, safety clothes and skates
Food: Grapes

Roslyn of Seattle
Sport: Ice skating
Equipment: Skirt and shirt that matches
Food: Strawberries

Sport: Ice skating
Equipment: Dresses and skirts
Food: Carrots

Sport: Ice skating
Equipment: skirt and skates
Food: Carrots

Sport: Toboggan- Bobsled (fast and slow)
Equipment: Mittens and toasty-warm coats
Food: Chicken and fish

Sport: Ice skating with partner
Equipment: Sweaters, jackets, warm socks and really warm pants
Food: Broccoli

Sport: Ice skating
Equipment: Clothes I am wearing today and ice skating shoes
Food: Strawberries and Tofu

Sport: Bobsled (faster than a hot rod!)
Equipment: Helmet but no goggles
Food: Cookies, breakfast and milk

Sport: Bobsled Team
Equipment: Tools and stuff, helmet and goggles
Food: Cookies and milk. It makes me feel strong and healthy!

TCS kids showing their skills!

Gotta love the Olympics!

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