The Children’s School
A Montessori-based preschool established in 1965

What's special about TCS?    
  • ·      We are child-centered in our approach and environment.
  • ·      We strive to maintain a teacher-to-student ratio of 1-to-4.
  • ·      We employ exceptionally qualified, talented teachers.
  • ·      We are skilled in using Montessori best practices to teach.
  • ·      We develop creative, enriching, themed curriculum.
  • ·      We focus on safety and preparedness.
  • ·      We learn, play, and inspire – all within a spirit of fun!! 

The Children's School has been educating children and serving families for nearly 50 years. Emphasizing a healthy and caring environment, we offer a developmentally balanced preschool and pre-kindergarten program that meets each child’s unique needs.

Check out our Registration Information for 2014 school year.

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