Tablet Applications Being Used at School

Applications for Tablets - a Great Addition to our classroom.
The following information is shared and written by Ms. Lloyd.

  A big shout out and thank you to those who attended TCS Tablet Application evening!!! User-friendly, educational resources and techniques were shared by both parents and teachers. What a group effort. It was a fun, learning experience for all of us; and one we hope to continue to build upon. A few things we gleaned from the night:

  •       A tablet offers effective and innovative ways to help preschool children practice letters, numbers, colors, and shapes, as well as reading, writing, counting, listening, and more.
  •       A tablet creates oodles of opportunities for adults to learn alongside your child. Children seem to intuitively get how to maneuver a tablet, however, adults provide the guidance to delve deeper and “expand the pages” for them.
  •       A tablet is just one teaching tool; certainly not the end-all, and only as good as the humans using it. When combined with traditional strategies, it’s a stellar way to reinforce concepts and content.
  • See a list of our favorite applications and websites in the links section of this blog!!

If future projections are correct…hand-held devices will soon be replacing conventional computers…who knows? What we can say now, though, is that these handy devices are all-the-rage, especially with our children! So we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of our recommended applications to help get you started. Please don’t hesitate to ask TCS, or share your insights, as we all navigate the uncharted waters ahead.


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