We LOVE Dads' Lunch!

What an amazing experience for our children - to invite their dads (or grampas or uncles) to come to school and have lunch, maybe do a little yoga, maybe play castles, or even sit and listen to the creation of a story. A terrific way to participate in your child's play is to "Play Secretary!" Today, Macy's dad, Chris, was handed a clip board and a marker and asked if he would like to try this. I must say, he did a FABULOUS JOB! Here is the result of Chris' work today:

"Playing with Puppies in the Doll House:
Sadie: He banged his neck
Macy: We need to go t the the doctors appointment.
Sadie: Your puppy's dead.
Macy and Sadie: Let's slide down the roof... WEEEEEEE!

Playing at the Castle:
Sadie: My name is Zoe.
Macy: I am a bad guy. "Hi Bad Guy."
Sadie: I am the bad horse.
Macy: [puts bad guys in the jail]
Sadie: What did you do with my friend?
Macy: No, that's my friend.
Sadie: I'm Prince Charming.
Macy: I want to take your best friend home. Is this your best friend?
Sadie: We need the horses!
Macy: Horsey, Horsey, Horsey!"

We also had trains going on, and marble work, and playing in the kitchen and Hullabaloo! And we took a lot of pictures of all of this. We continue to keep our pictures of children off of the blog and our FaceBook page, but will be compiling a year-end photo disk with all these gems included!

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