The Short Blond Teacher

I am the short, blond teacher who shows your children how to be a tree, a tortoise, or a wheelbarrow. This is yoga! I read once that the secret to a long and happy life was to develop a chronic disease or condition at an early age AND TAKE CARE OF IT! Yoga came into my life at 19 after a horrendous car accident. I have spent the past 25 years sharing it with preschool children and their parents It is, in my opinion, the perfect way to center one?S emotions, and stretch one?s body and mind? easily and almost effort-free. It?s harder than it looks for adults, and easier than it seems for our children. When I first started teaching preschool, my concentration was on math and deductive reasoning for children. Because of my math major, I felt they were as important as anything being done in preschool at that time. I still feel that way, and yoga is a part of that. I?ve seen children respond to yoga, including an improvement in all the other varied parts of the preschool experience.

Teacher BJ

9/27/2006 Today was the 1st Day of yoga at Lunch Bunch and Pre K class all the kids did their very best! Charlie, William, Nicholas, Erin and Maria tried the RAVEN and the SWAN first time teacher BJ had seen it done.

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Both of my girls LOVE 'yoga with Teacher BJ.' As a result, we have been doing the Crow, Tree and Wheelbarrow at home. Thanks for the fun! - T.Sterk