Our First Entry!

August 16th, 2006
Our first blog entry! Alas, this is our second attempt at finding a good "home" for the Childrens School families and friends. A home for writing simple notes, offer feedback, post events, ask questions...you name it...it's all another way we can communicate with each other.

There's a learning curve of course, but so far, this seems to be a very user friendly blog site :)
My next goal is to upload some pictures--always fun to share.



Mary Lloyd said...

Wow, what a great opportunity to hear about school happenings and stay in touch with the "web" comprising The Children's School. I feel like such an eight-legged crawler!!

Ann Adam said...

This is such an exciting way to see and hear what is going on at The Children's School. I am not at the school very often when the kids are there (I'm the bookkeeper), so seeing pictures of the kids in action will be great!

Elin Via said...

This is great! I look forward to reading about the latest Children's School news while in NYC. I'll try to stop by and see you all before the big move in November. Keep in touch!