Mrs. McArthur and Griffin were working together one day tracing our dinosaur cut-outs. Now Griffin is one of our students who does know how to take his work to "the next level," so to speak. So Mrs. McArthur and he proceeded to fill in their outlines with some dinosaur personality! Griffin decorated with a polka dot bow tie, and Mrs. McArthur with a pair of shoes that many of us wish we could purchase for ourselves. Ask Griffin why his dinosaur has a hat on and he will tell you that the clipboard was holding onto the dinosaur ( so that he couldn't finish drawing the line all the way around), so he put a hat on him to cover up the top of his head! Now it just so happened that Mrs. Coleman discovered Mrs. McArthur's dinosaur at lunch bunch, and found the picture very entertaining - but there was no name on there. When I asked my Lunch Bunch friends who was responsible for this work, it was clear that Griffin knew the answer, but just couldn't recall her name right in that instant without help. (Mrs. Banks came along and filled in the blank.) What he could do, was to show Mrs. Coleman HIS version of this exercise. Well, Mrs. Coleman was stunned with the detail - thrilled - and very convinced this was a "blog moment." So Mrs. Coleman went to find the camera. "Now Griffin, just hold the clipboard in front of you. I have to tell you, Griffin, that I cannot take a picture of your face, because we do not put pictures of our kids on the blog." this explanation was included because Mrs. Coleman was sure that Griffin would notice the camera was not pointed at his face, and so an explanation for this positioning was included for Griffin's benefit. Griffin had his own interpretation of this statement, as his picture clearly shows. As for Mrs. McArthur's picture -- the staff thought it only fair!

Good job Mrs. McArthur and Griffin!
What a fabulous team!!


There are few pure joys in this world, but working
with tape should clearly be counted as one of
them. When given the freedom (NO LIMITS) of tape
and paper strips, Emory from the MWF classroom
created the following! BEHOLD!!!!


If I Had a Hammer!

When we returned from our vacation, the Pre-K class did a woodworking project with Teacher Bj. It was so exciting to see them working so carefully with hammers, nails, and drills! Here's a list of the things that they built.

Kevin: Monster Making Machine
Lewis: My Home
Bee: My House
Holly: A Bouncy Place
Charlotte: Where My Dad Works
Jacob: Lava Study Station
Max: A Jet With a Ball
Jude: Bunny Rabbit Kitchen
Carly: A Hawaii Airplane
Paige: The Restaurant
Julian: Scooby Doo and the Tar Monster
Karsten: Tractor
Wyatt: My House (A Science Lab)

They worked so hard, and put so much imagination into their designs. Thank you, Teacher Bj, for a wonderful experience!