Soon you may notice an article entitled "Why Yoga?" beautifully written by our own Mrs. Coleman. Below are some excerpts from that article.

Our Pre-K children and those 3's and 4's that stay for Lunch Bunch on Mondays and Wednesdays are given the opportunity to go with Teacher BJ to do the Crane, the Tree, the Frog, the Mountain, and the Swan(just to name a few).

In addition the some beautiful poses the children learn, developing the muscles in their bodies, Teacher BJ stretches their imagination muscles as well with exercise extras such as, "When you get to the top of your mountain, what can you see?" The children respond with anything from "a mountain" to "flying carpets" or from our Pre-K yoga friends, 'hundreds of rainbow butterflies" "castles with a princess and a flying horse!" How beautiful to have this experience at such an early age. How wonderful to instill in our smallest friends a sense of peace, strength, and even a kind of freedom.