“Get the Picture?!”

At a Parent Lunch Bunch in September of last year, the question was asked of TCS, “Will we have [classroom] pictures this year?” It had been 3 years since our last successful management of this project. And it seemed like such a reasonable request! So the search was on!

Our mission statement sets forth that we are a program where “learning occurs in an unhurried setting with a spirit of fun.” It goes on to say that we live our values of respect, support and contribution through action. Youth in Focus was a good match for us! They were very respectful of our need to keep the impact on our program to a minimum, as well as being a youth empowerment program (through the creative process of photography) to which we could contribute.

Our photo orders, minus the expense of producing the photographs and packing them in envelopes, will represent a donation to that program. We donated more than $600 to Youth in Focus! If you would like to read more about this fabulous program, please visit their website at www.youthinfocus.org .

Our sincere “Thanks!” to all our parents who ordered pictures, as well as a giant “Thanks!” to Sam Smith, and his photographers Chloe and Zoe from YIF!!

Note: Additional copies of the classroom photos can still be ordered through Mrs. Coleman.
Pictured here are Zoe and Sam with Mrs. Coleman (who made the whole thing happen!)