Just a little note to tell you that confirmation letters for next year's students will be sent out next week.

Thank you, Mrs. Coleman!

See you at school!

A Neverending Story!

More Snow!?!?
Seattle Schools are starting 2 hours late today. That means no morning classes for us. We will be there for Pre-K and Lunch Bunch.

See you at school.....sometime!


Thanks Grandpa Jim!!!

Many of you pass by our pre-3 coat hooks on your way to or from class. You may have noticed that some of our hooks are loose, and one even went missing for several weeks! Well, this week Ian's grandpa came in and brought a new coat hook for our friend Griffon! He also offered to glue some of our other sagging hooks. So thank you so much, Grandpa Jim! We really appreciate all your help!

In other news, our builders have very busy. Kevin used the Lincoln Logs to build us the Great Wall of China! That must have taken a long time!

And today he worked with his friend Max to build a rocket ship out of chairs. I know Mrs. Coleman took a trip. Were there any other passengers? I wonder what their destination was?

Thanks for all your hard work, guys!
See you at school!


Monkey Goes Fishing!

Tomorrow, the Pre-K class will meet at the Northwest Puppet Center to see Monkey Goes Fishing. Your teachers will meet you there at 11:45 a.m. and the show will start at 12:15. When it ends at 1:00 we will play on the playground at the theater for 20-30 minutes, until all our children have been picked up.

See you there!


Not Again?!?!

Well I know I was fooled. We even had a bit of early spring fever last week. But I guess winter isn't really over is it? Oh well, Seattle Public Schools are starting 2 hours late this morning. That means no morning classes for us. We will be open for Lunch Bunch and Pre-K.


The Little Baby Rocket Ship

By Max Feb. 2, 2009
Illustrated by: Our Friends in the Pre-K Class

It used to blast off. It doesn’t have a mom, but it still be safe, because it can shoot smoke at the danger, and also cut the danger. And it’s a very nice rocket ship.

It used to go on Earth Adventures – that’s when you go explore dark, deep caves. It finded so-o much marbles and jewels, and diamonds, and treasures!! And also monsters, but it saved itself with its sharp point. When the Little Baby Rocket Ship saw the monster, A-A-N-N-D-D the monster saw IT, the Little Baby Rocket Ship called for its mom; and she was invisible; and she helped with its smoke holes.

The End


Let's Play Ketchup!

Hello, all! I'm so sorry for the long absence. We've been so busy, but none of it has made it to the blog. So here we go!
  • Our Pre-3 friends are learning new words every day. Rectangle is hard!
  • We had an astronaut team on the playground. There was a moon landing, we collected moon rocks. And I think we may have seen some aliens!
  • There has been some impressive building. What incredible engineers we have!
We also had a lot of fun during Chinese New Year. We did a lot of writing with chinese characters and the dragons were so fun! Now we're into February. Keep your eyes peeled for Valentine Party Sign-up sheets. And don't forget the Parent Lunch Bunch on Feb. 12th. We'd love to see you there.
Thank you all for your patience.
See you at school!