Well, we've had our picnics and we've said goodbye. I hope you all have a wonderful summer. Mrs. Banks' class shared some of their plans with us.

Karsten - QFC Fun Center
Holly - Get ice cream, go to the Children's Museum and the aquarium
Tyler - "I don't know"
Andrew - Disneyland!
Julian - playing cars with Aidan
Wyatt - "Me and my sister go to Lake Chelan"
Max - Make toys for poor people
Sydney - Go to Philadelphia and go to the beach everyday!
Chae - Go to California and play on the Slip 'n Slide

Thanks go to all of you, children, parents, family, friends and teachers for making this an absolutely wonderful school year! We will see many of you in the fall. For those of you moving on to new places and opportunities, we wish you the best and would love to hear from you in the future.

And remember that we love every single one of you!

Miss Tierney

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