Is It Spring Yet?

It may be hard to tell, but spring has sprung. And with that comes Spring Break! Ours is this coming week, March 30th - April 3. We will see you all again on Monday, April 6th.

Have a great week!


Say Cheese!

Tomorrow (Tues. March 17), two of our classes will have their photos taken. Miss Tierney's pre-3's and the pre-k class.
Everyone else will have their photos on Wednesday.

See you at school!


Pre-K puppet fun!

The pre-k class went to the puppet theater a couple of weeks ago to see Monkey Goes Fishing. It was a lot of fun and our friend Annika was so inspired that she went home and created her own tiger, just like the one she had seen in the show!
Isn't that amazing? I know I was impressed. Good Job Annika!

And remember, our next pre-k puppet show will be The Adventures of Sinbad on March 19th. It's coming up quick!

See you at school!