Hey-Ho Halloween's Here!

That's right, it's coming! With all the talk about ghosts, witches, and monsters, comes an excellent opportunity to discuss the difference between fantasy and reality. What's real? What's pretend? What scares us and how do we handle those scary things?

Don't forget that our parties are next week, at regular class times.

  • Teacher Cinda, M-W-F
  • Mrs. Friedhoff, Pre-3

  • Mrs. Banks' class, M-F (If this is not your child's usual day, come anyway. All are invited!)
  • Miss Tierney, Pre-3
  • Mrs. Jaques, Pre-K
To avoid scaring our younger children, all morning classes are invited to wear their party clothes. Pre-K, don't forget your costumes, but please leave masks and weapons at home!


Look what I can do!

At TCS we are big fans of independence. One of the ways we encourage this is to ask our children to try hanging up their own coats, backpacks, etc. Also, when the weather starts to get chilly, we try to put on our own coat(ask your teacher about the "preschool flip"). It's always nice to know you can do something yourself. Of course, this is a process, and takes longer for some than it does for others. So we also make sure everyone knows that they can always ask for help.


Author Studies

Mrs. Jaques will begin author studies with the Pre-K class after studying a map of Seattle to locate each child's house. We won't be 100% accurate but it will be fun to see where we all live.

An author study is a closer look at an author's "voice" and characters. With an author who is also the illustrator, we will look for similarities between books and try to determine the medium used. This is a wonderful way to increase literacy. Our first author will be Eric Carle.

So stay tuned, it's bound to be a lot of fun!



Two things to keep in mind this week.
  • There will be no Lunch Bunch on Friday, Oct. 10th. We will be having a teacher's meeting at this time.
  • Many of our teachers have posted sign-up sheets for our Halloween parties that are coming at the end of the month. We love to have your help! If you don't get a chance to sign-up this time, there's always another party.
See you at school!